Officers Shock Unsuspecting Shoppers Inside Supermarket


Being approached by a law enforcement officer can be frightening, even when you have not done anything incorrect. Multiple police departments have been working with their neighborhoods by taking part in local events that highlight the humanity of their officers.

Some departments focus on holiday outreach — including “pulling over” drivers and handing them frozen turkeys or cash instead of a ticket, though that sort of interaction can still stimulate temporary worry in the motorists prior to they understand what’s going on.

The Oceanside Police Department in California has actually taken a lower-key method to that providing spirit, picking to focus current efforts on consumers in supermarket instead of chauffeurs on the road.

“Most of the time when people call the police, it’s not under the greatest circumstances,” Jennifer Atenza, the department’s public information officer, told WMTV. “It’s when something bad has happened, there’s an emergency, there’s trauma involved. So, this affords us the opportunity to make connections under positive circumstances.”

It’s excellent timing because the rate of staples has actually increased considerably, leaving individuals in tough monetary straits much more strapped for money.

“Grocery costs have skyrocketed and Oceanside police officers are heading out to stores to help people overcome food insecurity,” the Oceanside Police Department posted on Facebook on April 19. “OPD will surprise shoppers with Random Acts of Kindness by helping with the grocery tab in April.”

It belongs to a Random Acts of Kindness effort enabled by a generous $20,000 contribution from the Fortin household, who established the Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc.

“My family and I enthusiastically support the Oceanside Police Department Acts of Kindness Project,” founder Wayne Fortin said, according to the City of Oceanside.

“We can think of no better way for us to provide acts of kindness to Oceanside residents than by partnering with Oceanside police officers who are on the front lines and encounter those who need kindness and a helping hand on a regular basis.”

Monthly, the department is executing a various act of generosity, and April’s is to head out to grocery stores and surprise customers with $100 bills.

“It’s a cool experience to get out in the community and make people smile and serve in a different way,” Oceanside Police Officer Andy Gularte said, according to Fox News.

“So, how much money do you think you’re going to spend today?” Officer T.J. Dunn asked shopper Sandy Hughes before handing her some cash, according to WMTV.

“More than I want to!” she replied.

The gift was especially useful for Hughes, who was forced to move because of the increase in rent prices.

Several officers have actually been associated with the outreach, and they’ve made a favorable influence on the residents. It’s hard to inform who takes pleasure in the gesture more— the officers or the receivers, however, it’s definitely a win/win situation and something the officers will be continuing through conclusion of the month.

H/T Western Journal

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