Netanyahu SHOCK Hostage Announcement

Benjamin Netanyahu
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The big question that needs to be answered right now is whether or not the hostages are still alive that were taken by Hamas.

This week, U.S. officials have expressed concern that they are not really sure how many of those 240 hostages remain alive.

According to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, if they are alive, it is the ground attack of the IDF that will save them.

We Will Get Them

Before Israel started its ground attack, the idea of working a deal to free the hostages was not even being considered.

Israel’s ground game, however, has changed that rather dramatically.

Gaza is surrounded and its IDF forces are squeezing Hamas into submission at this point.

On a potential deal to free the hostages, Netanyahu stated, “There could be, but I think the less I say about it, the more I increase the chances it materializes, and it’s the result of pressure, military pressure.

“The extraordinary work that the IDF is doing putting pressure on the Hamas leadership, and that’s the one thing that might create a deal, and if a deal is available, we’ll talk about it when it’s there.

“We’ll announce it when it’s achieved.”

When Netanyahu was asked if he knew the location of the hostages, he was quite coy in his answer.

He stated, “We know a great deal, but I won’t go beyond that.”

Hamas has claimed that some of the hostages were killed by Israel’s missile attacks in the tunnels, but that has not been confirmed.

Source: Breitbart

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