Milley’s Justification for TREASONOUS Call with China [WATCH]

treasonous phone call China

General Mark Milley attempted to justify his treasonous calls with China during testimony before the Senate Committee on the Armed Services.

Speaking with the committee, Milley attempted to deflect from his treasonous actions by claiming that he is loyal to the United States.

“My loyalty to this nation, its people, and the Constitution hasn’t changed and will never change as long as I have a breath to give, My loyalty is absolute, and I will not turn my back on the fallen,” Milley said during the hearing.

He then went on to try to justify the calls by stating that other people were on the line to witness what he was saying to the Chinese, and claiming that he was just reassuring the communist dictatorship that the U.S. had no intentions of attacking them.

“The calls on 30 October and 8 January were coordinated before and after with Secretary Esper and Acting Secretary Miller’s staffs and the interagency,” he explained. “The specific purpose of the October and January calls was generated by concerning intelligence which caused us to believe the Chinese were worried about an attack on them by the U.S.”

“I know, I am certain, that President Trump did not intend on attacking the Chinese and it was my directed responsibility by the secretary to convey that intent to the Chinese,” Milley added. “My task at that time was to de-escalate. My message again was consistent: calm, steady: De-escalate. We are not going to attack you.”

Despite his claims that these calls were not treasonous, the very fact that he gave assurances to an enemy of the U.S. that we would not attack them definitely falls into the category of aiding the enemy. Without the looming threat of action from the U.S., China is more likely to act aggressively on the world stage. By informing them that the U.S. had no intention to attack, Milley was giving China the opportunity and motivation to take aggressive actions.


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