Update: Military Aircraft Crash


Heartbreaking news has come in on Sunday, November 12 as the American Defense Department has reported that five U.S. military members were killed in a refueling accident during training. As a result, the aircraft carrying these individuals crashed into the Mediterranean Sea.

The US European command released an initial statement saying that the cause of the crash remained under investigation, but there had been “no indications of hostile activity”, ABC News reported. The command didn’t provide additional details but said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the fallen.”

Officials were working to notify their relatives before releasing any names of those killed in this tragic accident. Citing anonymous sources, The New York Times later reported that the aircraft at the center of the crash was an MH-60 helicopter and those killed were members of US army special operations forces.

The Air Force has sent additional squadrons to the region and USS Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier has also been operating in Eastern Mediterranean as well.

The Army and Navy had sent Delta Force and Seal team units to stand by in case they were needed to help evacuate American citizens from this region. Such commandos are trained in hostage rescue operations, making it noteworthy given hostages taken by Hamas included Americans – although White House has stated no plans for putting US military members on ground in Gaza where Israel launched war against them recently.

President Joe Biden issued a statement mourning losses suffered by these brave service operators who “put their lives on the line for our country every day” while selflessly showing daily bravery for nation’s benefit – something he called an enduring testament for all America stands for. He added his own prayers along with First Lady Jill Biden for family and friends who lost someone precious close to them – followed by expressing grief shared by entire nation over this tragedy.

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