Mike Pence THEFT… Top Republican FURIOUS


Former Vice President Mike Pence has pulled off a massive coup.

Pence, who appears to be considering running for president, stole a top aide from another possible presidential candidate.

Pence swiped a top staffer from Nikki Haley to add to his team.

Advantage Pence

Do Pence or Haley have a real chance?

No, but they could make the election a bit more interesting.

Pence definitely has the advantage now, stealing Tim Chapman from Haley.

Chapman will not work for Pence at the Advancing America Freedom non-profit.

Chapman stated, “I am grateful for my time working with Nikki Haley and her dedicated team.

“Advancing American Freedom is one of the fastest growing and increasingly influential conservative groups in the nation, and I am thrilled to join the incredible team that is building AAF as a leader for commonsense conservative policies that will help restore America.”

On snagging Chapman, Pence stated that Chapman is “one of the brightest stars in the conservative movement, and we are so thrilled he’s joining the team to advance the cause of American culture, American opportunity and American leadership.”

Good talent is hard to find in the political arena these days, and Pence just landed a big fish.

Source: Fox News

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