Mike Pence Rocked by Trump’s Latest Statement

Mike Pence
mike pence

Mike Pence is expected to be a candidate in the upcoming GOP primary.

As such, after classified documents were found in his home, I would have expected Trump to pounce.

It would appear that even Trump will not go down that road to give the left juice.

Leave Him alone!

As the left was blowing up, Trump actually came to his defense.

The former president took to Truth Social to defend Pence.

He wrote, “Mike Pence is an innocent man. He never did anything knowingly dishonest in his life.

“Leave him alone!!!”

Trump also talked to Fox News Digital on the FBI raid on his own home, stating, “I’m the one that has been the most transparent.

“We were having productive talks with NARA and DOJ.

“And then, they came and raided us.”

I give Trump a hard time over his behavior, but I have to give him his props here.

He did the right thing in defending Pence.

Source: Fox News

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