Massive Pentagon LEAK… They Did This on PURPOSE!

Pentagon on LOCKDOWN, Shots Fired

How desperate is our government to keep Republicans from office?

So desperate, military officials willingly turned over records of veterans who were running for office as Republicans.

The Air Force has confirmed the reports were leaked to a Democrat oppo research firm.

No Trust

The internet is blowing up right now over this report of blatant violation of privacy of our veterans.

This incident did not just impact the candidates, by the way, but their names were the only ones released by the Air Force.

The research firm was actually given access to other records as well.

What makes matters worse is they find out about the blatant breach via the media, not the Air Force.

Air Force veteran and former GOP candidate Robert Bremer stated, “The Air Force has not tried to notify me.

“They haven’t sent a letter.

“They could’ve reached out to my congressman.

“I don’t think they intended to notify me because the only reason it got picked up was because some reporter read something in a congressional report.”

Former GOP House candidates Kevin Dellicker and Sam Peters were also among those with leaked records.

Dellicker stated, “I trust that federal law enforcement authorities will investigate and prosecute this brazen attack on military information systems.

“I hope they follow the money trail to see who paid this sleazy firm for its illegal activities.”

Politico reported, “According to Federal Election Commission records, the DCCC paid Due Diligence just over $110,000 between January 2021 and December 2022 and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee paid just over $172,000 to Due Diligence during that period.”

To think… the official election arm of the Democrat Party is violating privacy rights to publicize these records, and the media is barely interested in the story, not to mention the lack of outrage by the Democrats.

At the very least, I would think Democrat veterans would be upset, but I guess they are more interested in power than justice.

Source: Politico

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