Major American Manufacturer CAVES to Biden… Americans FUMING


Do you like good old-fashioned American muscle cars?

Do you love the way your Charger shakes and sounds when you get that engine revving?

Well, find a new car because as of next year, Dodge is out of the muscle car business.

The sad reality… other American car manufacturers are likely to follow suit.

We Are Out

Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand chief executive officer of Stellantis, announced the decision this week.

He stated, “We are celebrating the end of an era — and the start of a bright new electrified future — by staying true to our brand.”

Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

Kill two of your popular models for EVs that make up about five percent of total sales.

This is the only way Americans will break… having EVs forced down their throats.

By the end of this decade, if Dems have their way, the sound of a gasoline-powered engine will be a thing of the past.

Instead of supermodels leaning across a tricked-out Mustang, we are going to have grandmoms pointing at a Prius with a thumbs up.

Source: The Hill

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