Lori Lightfoot Caught Red-Handed, Gets Verbally NUKED


ICYMI – Local residents learned that Mayor Lori Lightfoot lied to them. That’s not a surprise. She told them that turning Woodlawn school into a shelter for migrants “wasn’t in the cards.” She can blame it on a mis-shuffled Tarot deck if she wants but she knew all along the closed building was about to be just that. They started the remodeling job a long time ago.

Lightfoot lied to residents

Contrary to the denial Lightfoot issued, the boarded up Wadsworth Elementary school in Woodlawn will be the new home of 150 migrants, starting January 6.

The city of Chicago, Illinois, announced the news at a community meeting Wednesday night, on December 28. Alderman Jeanette Taylor calls that a “slap in the face.

Two months ago, Mayor Lightfoot told Taylor and her neighbors that they were going to turn the school into a shelter and everyone freaked out.

They had already spent a bunch of money on remodeling and weren’t about to simply eat the expense. Even so, the bug-eyed bureaucrat “backed down” because of the “pushback.” Her office issued the formal but carefully worded “denial.

The way Taylor feels now is “blindsided.” She trusted Mayor Lightfoot to keep her word. “I don’t feel like it’s fair. They just pulled this in September and October without having conversation with me or the people I represent.

Making things even worse, “to have this meeting during Christmas break, when a lot of people are still out. It’s not being transparent.

Black Brown ‘solidarity’ strained

Media outlets are tiptoeing carefully around the real issue. Mayor Lightfoot doesn’t want to anger the Black community in her city. Black folks, meanwhile, aren’t happy about Latinos suddenly competing for their social services. Especially, “illegal” ones.

The way Alderman Taylor expresses the issue, “we’re in a very difficult time right now, especially when it comes to Black and Brown solidarity. This just hurts even more.

The real problem, nobody wants to admit, is that thousands of migrants have been delivered to Chicago since August and there are thousands more on the way. Lightfoot promised them sanctuary, and that’s what they’ll get.

With the invasion spiking up to record levels in El Paso, the city got a Christmas gift of more migrants by the bus load. That’s expected to be a regular thing for a while.

Since Joe Biden and the federal government pretend that there is no flood of migrants, Lightfoot “has struggled to find shelters for all the migrants, being forced to have them stay in motels in the suburbs at points.” That infuriates suburban leaders.

In Woodlawn, “neighbors are upset about the city’s plans, too.” Specifically, they’re “worried adding more people to the community will lead to resources being spread thin in the area, where residents are already fighting for access to food and transportation.

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