He Was Caught Soliciting a Minor Online!

FBI Searching for Suspects After Explosive Device Detonates Inside Hotel

What is everyone’s biggest hang-up about transgenders?

Can we agree that it is child grooming?:

So, tell me, how much damage does a high-profile, publicly-honored transgender do the cause when he gets caught soliciting a minor online?


Trans and HIV activist Lailani Muniz is well-known in the New York City community.

So much so, in fact, he was honored at a Bronx Borough Hall ceremony to kick off Pride Month.

Well, he was also talking to what he thought was at least one minor on the LGBTQ+ dating app, Grindr.

The boy, who Muniz thought was named Josh, was actually an undercover advocate for the nonprofit NY Creeps Spotlight.

During an early conversation, Muniz told Josh, “I’m about to shower brb. Np.

“What u looking for and into?

“Are u cutting school and looking for company lol. Are u into guys and trans girls? Any xxx pixs?”

When Josh told Muniz he was only 14 years old, Muniz stated, “I can’t front, I am nervous.

“I watch too much TV [because] I know you’re young, it reminds me of that show To Catch a Predator where they set people up attracted to minors.”

When Muniz showed up for his date with Josh, he got the cuffs slapped on him instead and told that he had been duped.

Muniz tried to deny the conversation, but he was informed that it had all been documented, so he was wasting his time denying it.

Source: New York Post

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