Legendary Athlete Walks Away from It All

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Arguably the best professional tennis player on the planet has just called it quits at the age of 41.

On Thursday, Roger Federer announced his retirement.

Federer has been on the court for more than two decades, and now it is over.


Is Federer the greatest of all time?

He holds 20 Grand Slam titles, trailing only Rafael Nadal (22) and Novak Djokovic (21).

That is about the only record he trails them in.

He is second in overall singles titles, only behind Jimmy Connors.

Federer has won the year-end championship a record six times, he has two Olympic medals, and a stack of doubles titles for good measure.

You can sit at the local bar and argue who is the GOAT, and a legitimate argument can be made that any of the four men mentioned above are the true GOAT of the sport.

For most people’s money, however, Federer ultimately gets that title.

Enjoy your retirement… with about $100 million a year in endorsement deals, I am sure he will find something fun to do.

Source: New York Post

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