Lauren Boebert Puts Patriots on Notice, Sends Out Warning


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) the freshman Representative from Colorado is continuing to make more headlines than some fourth or fifth-term members ever have in their careers. Boebert has risen to the forefront of the America-First movement and after joining the House Freedom Caucus in December 2020 has been a frequent spokeswoman for the group of legislators. In a new video released October 6th, Rep. Boebert has taken direct aim at the insane budget priorities of the Biden-Harris regime and given a dire warning of their efforts to weaponize the IRS beyond even the dreams of the Obama administration.

Boebert opens the video,

“The nearly $6 trillion Democrats want to spend will be used to target conservatives and our values.”

The Congresswoman continued, “Let me explain. Do you remember under Obama, the IRS was caught red-handed targeting and harassing patriot and conservative organizations based on their political views. Just Recently the IRS leaked the personal information of conservative donors. Biden must’ve loved that! Because now he wants to give the IRS an additional $80 Billion to double the number of bureaucrat bullies that’ll target conservatives. Democrats have even included a provision giving the IRS increased access to the personal bank accounts of every single American. Yup, they’re hiring thousands of IRS agents to keep you and your bank account in check.”

Boebert’s Warning Of An Over-Powered IRS

To channel millennial lingo the IRS is already very, very ‘OP’ (Over-Powered… see: Batman with Green Lantern’s Ring.) Under the Obama admin this grew to a terrifying point even. It is very well documented that the IRS was “aggressively scrutinizing*” tea-party and other conservative groups (read as: persecuting*) for years under Democrat rule. Now under the Biden-Harris regime, largely considered to be ‘Obama’s third term’ this isn’t expected to improve. Congresswoman Boebert’s warning to Republicans centers around “a Biden administration proposal that would require banks to report data to the Internal Revenue Service on transactions over $600” according to The New York Post, and they are pushing this horrifically invasive concept to the extent that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen had to be brought in to defend it… And it didn’t go well.

“Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) slammed the Treasury secretary during a Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Development Committee hearing, asking if she was aware of “how unnecessary this regulatory burden is?”

“Do you distrust the American people so much that you need to know when they bought a couch? Or a cow?” the Republican senator asked.

“There are obvious privacy concerns for all Americans here and this represents a dramatic new regulatory burden for community banks and credit unions in Wyoming and elsewhere,” Lummis added.”

“Bank customers are not subjects to the federal government. Banks do not work for the IRS.”

Yellen attempted to defend the plan noting that banks already report interest accrued on accounts in excess of $10 and that the proposal supposedly “is not a proposal to provide detailed transaction-level data by banks to the IRS.”

Lummis was having none of it though and fired back, “Well, $600 threshold is not usually where you’re going to find the massive amount of tax revenue you think Americans are cheating you out of,”

To which Yellen smugly replied, “That’s correct, but it’s important to have comprehensive information so that individuals can’t game the system and have multiple accounts.” In short: they’re coming after you, they want to know where your money is and what you’re spending it on. Guns? Ammunition? Food Supplies? Generators? These item’s are all around that price point aren’t they? And you can’t enact massive socialist redistribution if you don’t know who has what. Can you?

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