KATHY GRIFFIN Danced Topless And What People Said In Response Is HILARIOUS! [WATCH]

KATHY GRIFFIN Danced Topless And What People Said In Response Is HILARIOUS!

So-called “comedian” Kathy Griffin has officially lost her marbles. In a bizarre clip posted to her Twitter account, Griffin danced topless on a balcony at the beach.

Kathy Griffin, who lost a great deal of popularity thanks to the massive onset of Trump Derangement Syndrome she suffered from since 2016, appears to be desperate to get back in the spotlight.

On Wednesday, October 20th, Griffin posted a video to her Twitter with the caption “HEY BOYZZZZ.”

The video is taken from behind, and shows the has-been comedian baring her chest and dancing while looking out over a body of water from a balcony.

The clip caused Griffin to trend on Twitter, and not for a good reason, as users mocked the 60 year old “comedian.”

“A video posted by comedian Kathy Griffin is drawing comparisons to fellow comedian Scott Thompson, who performs under the name Carrot Top, due to their similar hairstyles,” Twitter captioned the trend.

The next day, she attempted to do damage control, blaming Trump supporters for the negative reactions to her video.

“Going viral? Look, compared to another video that went viral 4 years ago, this is nuthin but fun!” Griffin wrote. “The magas always think it’s this big insult to call me Carrot Top. I love Carrot Top (Scott Thompson) and his audiences adore him and have for decades.”


The responses to this video were hilarious, with many people pointing out that she looks like comedian Carrot Top from behind.

“Carrot Topless,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Narrator: and just like that… all the men went blind,” wrote another.

Comedian Chrissie Mayr, who is also a redhead, wrote: “Pls stop tagging me in this. My people have suffered enough.”

“How to make a straight man turn gay in 3…2…1” wrote BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer.

Responding to Elijah Schaffer’s tweet, political commentator Dave Rubin, who happens to be gay, wrote: “I’m now double gay.”

In a subsequent tweet, Rubin added: “Also there’s a reason that these unmarried middle aged childless female comedians are the most psychotic. Uncomfortable but true.”

“I didnt realize cancer was contagious but she just gave it to me with this tweet,” wrote author Michael Malice.

“Is this reverse conversion therapy?” asked political commentator and Townhall.com columnist Derek Hunter.

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