Biden Just CONCEDED and Liberals Are Livid


The green movement in this country is about to have an all-out heart attack.

Joe Biden promised no more drilling.

Well, guess what?

Joe just greenlit a major drilling project in Alaska.

Push Came to Shove

This aggressive green agenda of Joe’s is finally being put on the backburner, at least somewhat.

With gasoline prices started to tick back up and no help from the Middle East, Joe Biden finally realized that we cannot completely rely on imported oil.

So, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) endorsed a scaled-back version of the ConocoPhillips (CP) drilling plan in Alaska.

This was a Trump-era plan that originally called for five drilling locations that Biden shelved.

The approved plan will allow three drilling sites.

The BLM stated, “The BLM has identified a preferred alternative in the final SEIS. Alternative E removes one of the five proposed drill sites from consideration and defers consideration of another.

“Additional environmental analysis would be required to move forward with the deferred fourth pad, and the final record of decision may identify additional deferrals.”

Cue the outrage from the left!

Source: Fox News

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