Joe Biden Appointee Justified the Cold-Blooded Murder of Innocent Civilians


Joe Biden isn’t going to be allowed into the White House, but if he was, Reema Dodin would be the “first Palestinian-American White House staffer.” She said some nasty things. That may have been a long time ago but eighteen years doesn’t matter, not when what you’re recommending is the cold blooded murder of innocent civilians. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist. She may have been born American but she still gets benefits as a “refugee” only because of her genes. Isn’t that supposed to be “racist?”

PLA on Biden imaginary dream team

George Soros wants to see the Palestine Liberation Army get a desk in the west wing. Reema Dodin’s name is on the clipboard Biden carries around, penciled in next to Shuwanza Goff as “a deputy director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.”

Joe dropped that turkey on Thanksgiving eve. Hamas is dancing in the street over the false hope of having the PLA actually working from inside the U.S. White House.

Sometimes, Ms. Dodin told Lodi, California, residents back in 2002, you need to send in the suicide bombers. But, only as a last resort, she cautions. “Suicide bombers were the last resort of a desperate people.”

Joe Biden doesn’t mind. He knows what it’s like to have to live down your childhood past. Democrats in his younger days all belonged to the Ku Klux Klan but he’s more tolerant now that Black Lives Matter is keeping his soul in a jar.

Terrified conservatives note that under the carefully watching eye of “sleepy” Joe Biden, while he lives, the legislative affairs Dodin would be directing would have a lot to do with packing pallets of cash for the Ayatollah.

She would also be working closely with CAIR officials to see what they can do about getting more rockets over to the West Bank for the PLA to fire at Israel.

A mole on the payroll

Because Ms. Dodin will be officially on the payroll specifically to pass information back to her handlers, she won’t even have the stigma of being called a mole.

Moles hide in the shadows but Joe Biden took terrorism out of the closet and they can simply call her intel reports a press release. Dodin “will be in a position to keep track of proposed or impending or about-to-be-voted on legislation about Israel, Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the whole Middle Eastern works.” How convenient, one stop spy shopping.

Want to know which Congressmen lean toward Palestine and can be counted on for legislative favors? Just ask her. Biden wants to put her in the “perfect place to inform or warn her allies in the pro-Palestinian camp of what’s to come, and how best to promote or stop it.”

If the Deep State had pulled off their latest failed plot to remove President Donald Trump, then Joe Biden was all set to drop every pretense of an American nation.

The outdated Constitution would be a thing of the past as the “Untied States” became subservient to the socialist and communist ideas of the globalists.

  1. Those in Pedo Joe’s team will make those in the Ho’s look like the Apostles in other words SAINTLY to the world. The Ho is so left wing she makes ANTIFA look to be UKTRA RIGHT WINGERS.

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