Jack Smith DEVASTATED… Judge Comes Down Hard

Jack Smith
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

It would seem as though Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, is getting fed up with the antics of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecutors.

In an exchange between attorney Stanley Woodward, who is representing a Trump co-defendant, and prosecutors, Cannon appeared to be losing her patience.

Cannon had to directly address prosecutor David Harbach to get him to dial it down as things started to get emotional.

Dial It Down

Walt Nauta, a Mar-a-Lago staffer for Trump, is also on trial in the classified documents case.

Harbach appeared to get frustrated over the particular line of questioning that was being used by Woodward.

Harbach went off, stating, “Mr. Woodward’s story about what happened at that meeting is a fantasy; it did not happen.”

He also called it all a “fantasy.”

With Harbach getting clearly upset, Judge Cannon interjected, “I’m going to have to ask that you calm down.”

One of the court reporters called it a “glorious” exchange for Trump supporters.

Woodward had been pressing the idea that the prosecution of Nauta was politically motivated and targeted.

He noted that numerous other people had moved the classified documents around Mar-a-Lago, but none of them were on trial as was Nauta, calling it “selective and vindictive.”

This is but one of many motions that will now be considered by Cannon, who has not appeared to be in any rush to make a ruling.

This all benefits Trump, who is hoping to keep this case out of the courtroom until after the election.

Trump knows if he can do that, the case will not only not impact the election, but it is likely to never see the inside of a courtroom if he wins the election.

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