Jack Smith Dealt HUGE DEFEAT… Game Changer

jack smith
jack smith

A decision came down via Judge Cannon that could derail the Dem plan of keeping Trump tied up in court during the campaign season.

Of all the judges that Trump has right now, Cannon is the only one that has been remotely fair.

She also happens to be the only conservative judge assigned to Trump’s cases so far.

Gonna Have to Wait

Smith’s team had filed a motion for Donald Trump’s Defense team to give them the list of classified documents they would introduce to evidence by mid-December.

Prosecutors claimed they needed that extra time to go through the documents and prepare their case.

Now, Cannon already has a date set for March for scheduling, but based on the fact she denied this motion, the entire trial could wind up being pushed back now.

Originally, the case was set to begin in May, but if prosecutors need more time, turning in the list of documents in March may not work, which means they would have to delay the case.

With the other court dates that are already in place, it could mean this case gets pushed back past the election.

If that happens, this case may never see the light of day.

If Trump wins the election, it is all but guaranteed that his attorney general will withdraw the charges, and the case will be over.

I am sure that was part of Trump’s plan all along… work to delay the cases and if he manages to win the White House, most of his legal problems, at least the most damaging cases, go away.

Source: Washington Examiner

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