It HAPPENED… Donald Trump Has Been CHARGED

Donald Trump Sick of It, Goes Scorched Earth... Issues GRAVE Warning

Democrats finally did it.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has charged Donald Trump with fraud.

And it was not just Trump… she is going after everyone that breathes the same air in a massive $250 million civil suit.

Taking Trump Down

In announcing the charges against Trump, his kids, and his business associates, James stated, “Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization repeatedly and persistently manipulated the value of assets to induce banks to lend money to the Trump Organization on more favorable terms than would otherwise have been available to the company, to pay lower taxes, to satisfy continuing loan agreements, and to induce insurance companies to provide insurance coverage for higher limits and at lower premiums.”

She further added that Trump made “more than 200 false and misleading asset valuations.”

Trump’s legal team responded, “Today’s filing is neither focused on the facts nor the law — rather, it is solely focused on advancing the Attorney General’s political agenda.

“It is abundantly clear that the Attorney General’s Office has exceeded its statutory authority by prying into transactions where absolutely no wrongdoing has taken place.

“We are confident that our judicial system will not stand for this unchecked abuse of authority, and we look forward to defending our client against each and every one of the Attorney General’s meritless claims.”

Two people walk into the courtroom, only one walks out.

Whoever loses this case, it is game over for their career.

Source: Fox News

  1. It’s a civil case and she can’t do anything to stop Trump from doing business in NY. A civil judgment caries no criminal punishment. The most they could is cause Trump to pay the linders. If it even gets that far. So this is just another political attack.

  2. There is nothing like a leftist looney on a mission. She doesn’t care about the law, only that she will make a name for herself by going after the former President of these United States. No matter who it hurts or the devastation if will cause, she is going to make her name. 7 years of investigations, multiple congressional hearing and other suites have failed to find fault with the Trump organization, and she still wants to waste taxpayers money on this. Shame Shame

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