Israel SHOCK War Announcement… Can’t Believe It


Israel has finally made a concession when it will conduct a cease-fire with Hamas.

Israel stated on Friday that it would agree to a “very limited and short” cease-fire in exchange for a “massive” number of hostages being released.

The line in the sand has been drawn.

Release Them or Else

Israeli National Security Council Chairman Tzachi Hanegbi broke the news, but he made it clear Israel is not playing any games on this front.

He stated the release cannot be a “manipulative release” or exploited for public relations by Hamas.

Hanegbi added, “Only then will we agree to a cease-fire, and it will be very limited and short because afterward, we will continue advancing toward our goals for the war.”

He continued, “We’re in the 42nd day of the war, and we have not agreed to order the [Israel Defense Forces] to halt its advancement even for one minute.”

Thus far, the only pauses that have been permitted by Israel is an hour-hour daily pause in the attacks to allow people to leave Gaza without the threat of crossing a war zone.

Israel found the bodies of two hostages near al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City earlier in the week, yet the public pressure remains on Israel instead of Hamas.

Even the UN issued a resolution that did not call out the horrific nature of the crimes committed by Hamas.

No wonder Israel is getting fed up with the rest of the world and its stance on this war.

Source: New York Post

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