Israel Military BOMBSHELL Photos Released… Proves EVERYTHING


Israel has been coming under significant fire from liberals and Democrats for occupying Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has maintained all along that this was one of the civilian locations that Hamas was using as a headquarters.

Photos released by Israel after a search was conducted prove that Israel has been right all along.

Damaging Photos

To fully appreciate this report, one must also understand that doctors at Al Shifa have been blasting Israel, insisting that it was only doctors and patients inside the hospital.

This was even after gunfire was exchanged between Hamas and Israel outside the hospital.

Israel then released both video and photographs of items that were confiscated inside the hospital.

Weapons, ammunition, tactical vests, and other items were featured in the pictures, making it clear that Hamas was using the hospital to shield itself from attacks.

After Israel published the pictures, Hamas stated that this was all “lies and cheap propaganda.”

Chief Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari responded in kind.

He stated, “These assets in Shifa hospital, just like in Rantissi, prove that hospitals have been used for military purposes for terror, in direct opposition to international law.”

Israel has also started to show videos of the tunnel system that has been used by Hamas for moving assets and troops, as well as possibly being the area where the hostages are being kept.

Thus far, there has been no movement on the hostages being freed, which PM Netanyahu said is a must before any negotiations for a cease-fire will be made.

Source: Reuters

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