HOLY SMOKES: We Found the REAL Approval Ratings for Biden, and They are BRUTAL


As the leftist Democrat-Socialist Biden-Harris regime clings desperately to the mainstream media and social media propagated illusion of their legitimacy, here comes the REAL internet to smash their narrative to bits. Check out Biden’s REAL approval ratings.

81m.org was created referencing the supposed 81 million votes Joe Biden received. The site monitors the White House Youtube channel under the logic that “Such a popular president should have some truly epic YouTube numbers. Let’s keep track. I’m sure we won’t see anything weird happening, such as dislikes being thrown out in the wee hours of the morning.” Even going so far as to cite USA Today’s dubious claim,

“It is true that Biden won the most votes cast for a U.S. presidential candidate, amassing about 81 million votes.”

This is the true gauge of the Biden-Harris regime’s popularity, not the manipulated polls, not the mainstream media sycophancy, this is the raw data. And its just BRUTAL.

100percentFedUp reports,

“Biden’s Regime was getting so many terrible reviews on their videos, they turned off comments and Youtube was actually removing dislikes from Whitehouse videos so that he and his staff would appear to be more liked than they actually are.”

Here are a few examples,

81m.org shows us on the left the “official” likes and dislikes from Youtube, then the actual figures on the right were captured in real-time before google had a chance to manipulate them and finally the manipulation amount as a percentage of the likes.




Monitoring a Known Issue With Youtube Approval Ratings

81m.org was created in response to reports dating back to January that the White House’s likes and dislikes were being manipulated. Youtube in turn claims that the dislikes on the government page are in fact from “dislike mobs” and are not a legitimate reflection of public opinion.

However, compare Biden’s Youtube debacle to President Donald J. Trump’s CPAC Speech which was stricken almost immediately from the platform. Multiple screenshots showed over 406k watching live via Right Side Broadcasting Network with 122k likes and 2.1k dislikes.

The difference is exactly as many have called it: “stark” or “striking”. For the man who supposedly won the election with the highest voter turnout and the highest total of votes in history, how is it possible that his Youtube numbers get regularly eclipsed by mid-level Youtube creators?

Something is terribly wrong.

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