High-ranking Biden Official STEPPING DOWN… He’s OUT!

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Those of you that read my posts regularly know my disdain for Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

First, he is a deep member of the swamp.

Second, he is a Biden loyalist.

Third, I believe he is probably one of the main shot callers in this administration.

Thankfully, his days finally appear to be numbered.

Rumors Coming True

There have been rumors for months that Klain was considering leaving after the calendar flipped, rumors he denied.

With his leaving now apparently imminent, it brings another problem for Biden.

Klain has been involved with Biden since 1988, when he served as a speechwriter and adviser.

If there is anyone that knows what would have been in those boxes other than Biden himself, it would be Klain.

The fact that he is leaving right now when the sh** is hitting the fan, well, that does not bode well for Joe.

Believe me, the timing of Klain leaving is going to draw just as much attention as Biden having classified documents in his home.

Source: Fox News

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