Karen Pulls Gun, Shoots Maskless Customer Then Shoots Self

Greenville, SC, police made a horrific discovery last week.

Police were answering a call at a local hotel when it was made.

They arrived at the property to find an incoherent woman and a dead boy, her son, in the room.

The boy was only 14 years old.

It Gets Worse

As if the story could not get worse, the boy had apparently been dead for about a week when they found him.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office stated, “There were no obvious signs of physical injury noted to Mr. Poston.

“Mr. Poston’s date of death is estimated to be November 14, 2022.

“An autopsy was performed on Mr. Poston on November 22, 2022.”

The mother was transported to a local hospital, but was unable to give police any insight as to what happened.

Police are also now investigating if the boy may have had any health issues that could have contributed to his death.

The final results of the investigation are expected to be posted in two to three months.

Source: Fox News

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