Governor Approves Tax That Will BURY Americans


California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom just proved he has no right running a state, let alone a country.

Newsom believes he has the solution to rising gasoline prices.

Raise taxes on gasoline companies.

Dumb, Just Dumb

Newsom wants to start a “windfall profits tax” directly to oil companies…

He seems to think that by adding more taxes, the oil companies will buckle and charge less money.

In reality, they will raise prices and reduce investment more than they already have in this country.

The internet went bonkers after his post.

Christina Pushaw, the Rapid Response Director for DeSantis responded…

There were a few more interesting responses…

While Republican governors, such as Ron DeSantis, are removing taxes to bring down prices, this moron wants to raise them.

When will Democrats learn that every cost you put on business owners trickles down to the everyday Joe?

Source: The Blaze

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