Ghislaine Maxwell UPDATE: Proposing $30 Million for Bail

Ghislaine Maxwell is set to propose a nearly $30 million bail package to get her out of lockup in Brooklyn, NY. Maxwell will also be admitting she’s married according to The New York Post, which makes sense.. since her rumored husband will be footing about $25 million of the bill! The other $5 Million is reportedly being put up by Maxwell’s brothers Kevin and Ian Maxwell.

Ms. Maxwell is being held on a six-count indictment for recruiting and grooming young girls and women to be molested and raped by her, Jeffrey Epstein, their friends and guests. Of course, she plead not guilty and Mr. Epstein is no longer around to plead anything.

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The Telegraph reported that Ghislaine wants to be home for Christmas and will be in court within days to make the proposal to the judge.

So who’s the mystery man?

“The defendant also makes no mention whatsoever about the financial circumstances or assets of her spouse, whose identity she declined to provide to Pretrial Services,” Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe told Manhattan federal Judge Alison Nathan during a video conference according to the Post.

However, Ghislaine had been living at the at the Massachusetts oceanfront mansion of Scott Borgerson, CEO of CargoMetrics. The Sun also reported that “Borgerson, the boss of CargoMetrics, who is believed to be worth $100million, is also linked to the $1million New Hampshire mansion where Maxwell was snared by the FBI.”

In July this year, NY District Judge Alison Nathan declared Maxwell to be a flight risk and ordered her held without bail pending trial, which she set for July 12, 2021. Judge Nathan refused a previous bail request for $5 Million and home confinement after prosecutors claimed Maxwell deliberately withheld financial information from the court.

ABC News reported that according to Maxwell’s Attorney Christian Everdell, Maxwell’s supporters have tried to remain secretive,

“The proposed bail package, Everdell wrote, will include letters from family and friends that contain details that — if made public — would “invite identification and harassment of the sureties and other third parties, including minor children.” The co-signers are “legitimately afraid” that if their names become public, they will be subjected to the “same relentless media scrutiny and threats that Ms. Maxwell has experienced for more than a year,” Everdell wrote.”

Just think, these people are concerned about being connected to a woman accused of ruining the lives of potentially hundreds of little girls and young women. A woman who is according to her lawyers “losing hair and weight from ‘punitive’ prison conditions” and just wants to be home for Christmas. Pity that.

One can only hope that the Judge considers how the Ghislaine and Maxwell’s alleged victims and their families will be spending Christmas this year.

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