Fox News Star Drops REALITY BOMB on Biden

Joe Biden took a huge risk in Philadelphia.

He called out the more than 70 million voters that backed Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden dropped the “fascist” label on them.

Bret Baier seems to think that was a big mistake.

Down This Road Before

Baier has seen this before.

During the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton tagged Trump supporters as “deplorables” and it was the beginning of the end of her campaign.

Biden is a different story, however.

Back in October 2020, Biden gave a very powerful speech on unity.

The speech he gave was literally the exact opposite of that.

Bret Baier breaks it all down…

This was a desperate move by Biden and I believe it will be one that will hurt him.

I don’t think it matters who runs in 2024, Biden just assured Republicans of a huge win.

Moderates will look at that speech as extremely divisive, literally putting a target on the head of their fellow Americans.

I do have faith that the majority of the country will unite, just not in the way that Biden was hoping.

You can see Biden’s speech in the video below and decide for yourself…

Source: Breitbart

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