Fox News’ Blonde Bombshell Drops a Reality Bomb on Dems

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Tomi Lahren is all fired up.

Now that Elon Musk has his hands on Twitter, he is threatening to expose what has become known as the free speech documents.

Lahren knows Democrats are terrified of this, and they will go to great lengths to silence Musk so he does not take down this house of cards.

The Reckoning

Lahren has been hammering the left over its anti-free speech stance.

They love free speech, as long as you say what they want you to say.

That was proven in how they shut down free speech on Twitter during COVID, the Russian collusion investigations, and the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Well, Musk has the communications between Twitter officials and the government and he wants to make them public to help regain the public trust in Twitter.

You better believe some big names are shaking in their boots right now over the thought of those documents going public.

Tomi Lahren breaks it all down…

Source: Fox News

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