Fox News BETRAYS Trump… OUTRAGEOUS Accusation

Donald Trump Sick of It, Goes Scorched Earth... Issues GRAVE Warning

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you saw Trump on Fox News?

It has been a minute, right?

Well, I think we know why.

Moving Away

Someone on the top floor of HQ has seemingly decided that Trump is bad for business.

As such, we have not seen him on any of his usual haunts in months.

Not only that, but several Fox News personalities that used to support Trump are now blatantly attacking him.

If you watch “Fox & Friends,” you have surely noticed the change of heart by Steve Doocy.

That was nothing, however, compared to the attack by Eric Shawn., who implied Trump was selling secrets to Russia.

During one show, he asked, “More questions are being raised this morning. Did former President Trump try to sell or share the highly classified material to the Russians or to the Saudis or others?”

Trump has noticed, going in an all-out assault against Fox News on Truth Social.

He posted, “Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day.

“So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed.

“RINO Karl Rove is unwatchable, very negative, and on all the time – Has a big record of losing!

“Not an easy place to be as a Republican, especially with all of the ‘pervert’ purchased ads.

“If ‘low ratings’ CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so.”

That will never happen, but Newsmax has embraced Trump and it is already paying off.

During the weekend Trump rally, which Newsmax aired and Fox did not, Newsmax bested every major cable news outlet while Trump was on stage.

It did so even though it is available in about 20 million fewer homes than the big boys.

Source: Newsmax

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