Famous Actress Family Found Dead in Their Home


Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, the parents of well-known actress Alicia Witt were reportedly found dead in their Worcester, Massachusetts home by police conducting a wellness check on behalf of the actress who hadn’t heard from them for several days and had unsuccessfully asked a relative to look in on them.

Police found the couple in the home with no obvious signs of trauma or foul play, and while the home’s furnace was faulty and the couple was using a space heater, firefighters indicated there were no readings of Carbon Monoxide in the house according to The Worcester  Telegram and Gazette.

Worcester Fire Acting Deputy Chief Adam Roche told Boston25 News they did check for carbon monoxide. “We did use our meter and search for Carbon monoxide. All the readings were normal so ruled out Carbon monoxide,” said Roche.

“There were no signs of foul play,” said Kathleen Daly-Shea, a Worcester police spokeswoman. “It is under investigation. The medical examiner’s office will determine cause of death.”

The parents of actress Alicia Witt, 46, center, were found dead at their home near Worcester, Massachusetts, on Monday. Authorities suspect that Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, may have died of hypothermia

Cause of Death: Unknown. Hypothermia In The Home Suspected.

According to Boston25, “The medical examiner will conclude the exact cause of death. But 25 Investigates has learned hypothermia may have been a factor.” According to a neighbor who knew the couple Witt’s parents were dealing with significant medical issues as well as the faulty furnace. “He had cancer she was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She was a frail little thing, a good wind would blow her away,” a neighbor said. The theory of hypothermia appears to be supported by the fact that one of the victims was wearing a coat indoors at the time of their death. The Witt’s neighbor indicates that Alicia was a very big part of her parent’s lives though, “Alicia was very much in touch with them and when she was around in this area she would come or send a car to take them,” she said.

The couple, pictured, had been described by a neighbor as having been ill for 'some time,' and were using a space heater to heat their home after experiencing 'furnace problems'

On December 21st, Alicia released a statement to the press asking for her privacy to be respected as she mourns her parents.

“I reached out to a cousin who lives close to my parents to check on them. Sadly, the outcome was unimaginable,” Witt said.

“I ask for some privacy at this time to grieve and to wrap my head around this turn of events, and this surreal loss.”

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