EPIC Hollywood MELTDOWNS: “It’s Over, We’re Truly F**ked”


As the results of the 2021 elections began to pour in, a series of Hollywood meltdowns of near 2016 proportions began to take place. The panic centers around political analyses that conclude the pivotal victories such as those in Virginia are a prelude to a red-wave mid-term election in 2022. Hollywood luminaries from Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Amber Tamblyn, Jeffrey Wright, Sophia Bush, and Bradley Whitford, to Rosanna Arquette, have let loose howls of indignation, anger, and panic as they watch the Biden-Harris regime they fought so hard to install tumble down into lame-duck impotence that will lead inextricably to a GOP victory in 2024.

Rosie O’Donnell, long known for her adroit political analysis (nope couldn’t keep a straight face.) Tweeted “We r Fucked”. Similarly, Roseanna Arquette who has never been known to employ hyperbole or ascribe to political radicalism… declared boldly that “Fascism is alive and well in America,” according to Breitbart. They were joined by 70s vocal legend Cher whose ALL CAPS tirade must be seen in its original context to be believed.

Unfortunately, Cher’s departure from reality is made manifest in these two unhinged Tweets ascribing the motives, and tactics of the Nazi party to the modern GOP is insane.

Hollywood Claims Virginia Election Is Based On ‘Racism’ While Spouting Racism Against Whites

Actor Michael Ian Black blamed white people for the Democrats’ loss… what a shock.

Star of the Leftist propaganda piece “Handmaidens Tale” Bradley Whitford repeated the oft’ spoken refrain that Critical Race Theory doesn’t exist and even reiterates the historically ignorant false affiliation between Republicans and the Confederacy. Which is similar to wearing an “I’m with stupid” shirt that points to yourself.

Netflix’s Grace & Frankie actor Ethan Embry’s Tweet was beautiful and we can only say from his lips to God’s ears as he trumpeted that 2021 would see “the last year of Democrat control because we won’t see it again for a very long time”.

Actress Sophia Bush retweeted leftists shill Robert Reich blaming conservative media for the Democrats’ losses. And honestly, while we’re sure our colleagues would love to take credit, it really comes down to this: the American people, and American parents most importantly stood up and told the Democrats in a single defiant voice: ‘No’. And there is definitely some projection happening here on Reich’s part, particularly when “vile lies” being pumped through the media are mentioned… well Robert would be the expert.


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