Elon Musk is OUT

Now, don’t have a panic attack, at least not yet.

When Musk took over Twitter, he put himself in charge as the acting CEO of the company.

He came in, cleaned house, reorganized, and now he is ready for someone else to take the helm.

That person will apparently be Linda Yaccarino.

Let’s Go!

Yaccarino comes with a very impressive resume, especially on the sales and marketing side of things.

She has worked for Comcast and was working for NBCUniversal when Musk snatched her up.

Musk is going to step aside from the front line, but he is not completely stepping away.

Musk will still be very involved on the tech side of things, but Yaccarino will likely be concentrating on front-line ads and marketing.

Mark DiMassimo, founder and creative chief of ad agency DiGo, stated, “If anyone can translate the Musk vision into advantages for marketers she’ll be able to do it.

“Even though there’s skepticism and all marketers live in the ‘show me’ state right now with regard to Twitter, if in fact she does go to Twitter this is a powerfully reassuring move.”

Musk has trimmed the Twitter staff by about 80 percent since he took over, as well as making some pretty dramatic changes on the platform.

He also just found out that Tucker Carlson plans on using Twitter as his main platform for his new show, which will open up a whole new market for Twitter if he is successful.

Source: Fox Business

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