Drill Down of the Money Trail is Finally Exposed


The drill down of the money trail from silicon valley elites to compromised battleground counties is finally exposed. Twitter user Crystal Carter @CrystalCarterL, a source cited by Kyle Becker formerly of Fox News and IJR, released a lengthy twitter thread outlining the distribution of funding from the Center for Tech and Civic Life. This follows yesterday’s explosive reveal that Georgia’s ballot numbers aren’t adding up.

Exposed: Who is the Center for Tech and Civic Life?

According to InfluenceWatch.Org,

“The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) is a Chicago, Illinois-based center-left election reform advocacy group formed in 2012. The organization pushes for left-of-center voting policies and election administration. It has a wide reach into local elections offices across the nation and is funded by many left-of-center funding organizations such as the Skoll Foundation, the Democracy Fund, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.” [1] [2] [3]

When you take a hard look at the people and organizations who are funneling money into the  massive effort to force Americans into a 100% mail-in voting system it becomes extremely clear that this was a coordinated, partisan effort by prominent Democrats to eliminate the threat of a second Trump administration.

CTCL is prominently funded by and partnered with:

(Details provided by InfluenceWatch.org)

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Center for Civic Design,-Dana Chisnell is the other co-founder, and served in President Barack Obama’s administration[27]
  • Center for Democracy & Technology– A George Soros Funded Organization
  • Women Donors Network–  “Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has said that WDN was one of the first organizations to offer its support. Another Garza organization, Black Futures Lab, also received WDN support through the Hardisty campaign; the group has said that it“is a vehicle that aims to transform black communities into constituencies that wield independent, progressive political power.”
  • The Voting Information Project-Launched by Google, Pew and the JEHT Foundation, the Voting Information Project required participation from state and local election offices who provided ballot information and access to data in a standardized format.
  • Rock The Vote-The group claims to be nonpartisan,[1] but has produced videos throughout the years using celebrities who largely endorse a left-of-center agenda, including abortion rights, liberalizing criminal justice policy, and marijuana legalization. [2]
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund– Since 2013, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund has contributed to numerous anti-Israel organizations. The Fund gave at least $880,000 to groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Zochrot, and the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights that support the “boycott, divest, and sanctions” (BDS) movement
  • Knight Foundation -The Knight Foundation is a left-leaning private foundation that sets a primary emphasis on funding media-related projects.
  • Democracy Fund– Groups associated with the Democracy Fund have been funders of opponents of the campaign and administration of President Donald Trump. Founder Pierre Omidyar contributed $450,000 to Super PACs advocating against Trump’s election in 2016; Democracy Fund Voice contributed $250,000 to Stand Up Republic, a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization advocating against the Trump administration and run by former Independent Presidential candidate Evan McMullin.[8][9]

Tied Directly to the Democratic Party

Furthermore, InfluenceWatch gives us a window into the “strong ties” CTCL has directly to Democratic political operatives. “CTCL’s board of directors have strong ties to Democratic political operations, notably Tammy Patrick, a senior advisor to the elections program at Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund, and Cristina Sinclaire, who was previously employed by NOI as well as by the progressive data service Catalist.”

Pumped with Cash from Zuckerberg

CTCL proudly announced that Facebook founder and agent of Conservative suppression Mark Zuckerberg committed a total of $400 million of funding so far to

“provide officials with the staffing, training and equipment necessary to make sure that every voter can participate in a safe and timely way in the election.”


This is a group that claims to be non-partisan, however, the language of their own press release tells another story entirely. They describe the most recent injection of funds,

“This commitment also demonstrates a rejection of the legal challenges that have been filed in an attempt to undermine the work that state and local officials are doing to ensure that every eligible citizen has the ability to vote this election cycle.”

The “rejection of the legal challenges that have been filed” by the Trump campaign and other patriots outraged by the vast irregularities and allegations of voter fraud sounds pretty partisan doesn’t it?


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  1. How many of these Corporations, organizations, and companies have Chinese Communist operatives imbedded in them? My guess is that there are quite a few in each one. The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated Corporations, Organizations, Companies, and Governments, including the U>S> Government and has even openly bragged about it. How do we cleanthis mess up? I wish I had an answer but who do we trust? The FBI that committed crimes trying to frame President Trump? Not a good choice. The intelligence agencies? Nope they also were in cahoots with the FBI. The courts? Do not see any help with the far left judges there. Joe Bide? Nothing there plus he was sharing an office with the head of Chinese Communist Intelligence Agency. If you have an idea let me know.

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