Donald Trump Attorney NUKES FBI


The premise behind the FBI raid against Donald Trump was that he was holding classified information.

Well, Donald Trump’s attorneys say that is not even possible.

In fact, they certified no classified documents were present back in June.

Someone is in Trouble

The June letter is a big deal because that was when the rat inside Trump’s camp stopped openly communicating with DOJ officials about the possible classified documents.

Two months later, a warrant is secured, then several days later, it is executed.

Here is the problem…

We have since learned that Trump had a standing order that any documents removed to a residence were to be declassified.

This offered Trump flexibility in removing the documents and working with staff to prepare for whatever issue they were working on at the time.

And no, this is not out of the ordinary.

Past presidents have given people security clearance on the spot if it made their work easier, as noted in previous reports.

Here is the point… that order was in effect until Joe Biden took the oath of office, and all these documents were removed from the White House before that happened.

So, technically, those documents were declassified regardless of what the folder said.

Of course, it will not be that simple, especially since the FBI seems intent on charging Trump via the Espionage Act.

We are in for one hell of a constitutional showdown at the highest levels of our judiciary.

Regardless of how this all turns out, I think it is a safe bet that Congress will start looking to pass some very strict rules that will now include how a president can treat classified documents, including the blanket authority of the president and vice president to classify and declassify documents as they see fit, as is currently the law.

Source: Fox News

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