Disgraced Racist Ex-NBA Player Implied…


In a series of tweets, disgraced previous NBA gamer Rex Chapman implied that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not really black due to the fact that he did never see Thomas in attendance at one of his basketball video games.

After slamming Thomas for going to a graduation occasion at Christendom College in 2018 at which there was “not another person of color” in the picture, Chapman asserted that Thomas “would not last 20-30 seconds in an NBA locker room.” He particularly contrasted Thomas to previous President Bill Clinton, who was white, however who “used to come to our games in Landover with the Bullets. Clarence Thomas – never.” Chapman mused, “Why have you never seen Clarence Thomas at an NBA game? As in — ever?”

Chapman went on to double down, responding to another user’s remark with a video from “The Chappelle Show”ncluding popular character Clayton Bigsby, in which Chappelle, for comical impact, plays a blind black individual who obviously does not recognize he is black and is a white supremacist.

Chapman, who was picked with the 8th total choice in the 1988 NBA draft, bet a number of years in the NBA. Throughout the seasons he played the Washington Bullets, the Bullets were among the worst teams in the league, acquiring a combined rank record of 45-119. Following his playing profession, Chapman was used various tasks in tv broadcasting and for NBA groups, in spite of his well-publicized struggles with drug dependency, which included numerous journeys to rehab and an extremely well-reported arrest for shoplifting.

After apparently tidying up his life, Chapman developed a big following on Twitter by reposting content created by others, frequently without attribution. Chapman also frequently peddles discredited hoaxes and misinformation on his Twitter account, which has more than one million fans. In spite of his well-documented struggles with reality– or possibly because of them– Chapman was employed by CNN in January 2022 as a host for its now-defunct CNN+ streaming service.

Bizarrely, Chapman reacted to criticism of his overtly racist criticism of Clarence Thomas by recommending that individuals who are slamming him are in some way racist.

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