Devin Nunes Drops Durham Bombshells


Intensely Conservative lawmaker Devin Nunes didn’t become the top dog on the House Intelligence Committee by sitting on the sidelines. He’s always smack in the middle of every major battle and fighting hard for American values. He’s well aware of the public frustration with John Durham and recently reassured everyone that the bombshells really are dropping, and might start exploding as early as this week.

Nunes has ‘faith’

When it finally does hit the news stands it really will be a “damaging report,” Nunes assures. He’s personally convinced that “prison sentences could fall on a number of former senior Obama officials.”

At least, that’s what he told Sara Carter. He “hasn’t given up faith in Durham’s investigation despite the enormous speculation that the Durham investigation will fail to deliver justice.”

Nunes is the one who started the probe into the botched Obamagate operation in the first place. Old “big ears” allegedly used the FBI as a weapon against Democrat arch-nemesis, Once and Future President Donald Trump. They forged evidence inside the Department of Justice to illegally obtain wiretaps on Carter Page.

Then they plotted, on paper, to entrap General Michael Flynn. Deep State shenanigans like that are entirely unacceptable. Well, they used to be, back when we still had a Constitution.

John Durham has become the modern equivalent of Bigfoot. Rumors are everywhere, and an occasional footprint or two but nobody ever gets a net around him.

As Ms. Carter points out, “Donald Trump and many of his supporters have questioned the legitimacy of Durham’s probe, which has not yet surfaced despite being in the works from the time when Trump was in office.” Nunes understands how frustrating that can be to the public.

Senior Obama officials

Not a lot has been heard about Durham’s probe and Nunes believes that’s a good thing because it means there will be a lot less damage to be undone which comes from insider press leaks. It shows Durham has tight security surrounding his team.

This is a serious DOJ probe and it’s not being run by the rats in charge of the cheese. The California conservative was the driving force behind the “intensive and all-encompassing investigation during his tenure as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.” That means he knows things the rest of us don’t but can’t talk about them either.

The probe, Nunes explains, is “centered on investigating the malfeasance of senior Obama officials in the bureau and in Obama’s executive branch that targeted Trump.” He has also recently been asked to “head the investigation into the alleged unmasking by the NSA of Fox News television host Tucker Carlson.”

It turns out that the NSA “was monitoring his communications to Russian officials as his team was trying to coordinate a possible interview with President Vladimir Putin.” A whistleblower came forward to leak that “his communications had been delivered to a major news outlet in Washington D.C. in an attempt to discredit him.”

Of course Nunes said yes when asked. He laments the good old days when the threats came from outside the country, not alleged leadership. “You know, I’d like to get back to the days when I was just dealing with foreign threats, and looking at what’s happening in Cuba, looking at what Putin’s doing, looking at what the Chinese are doing. But I’m always getting rolled back into this because the Democrats in this country have weaponized our institutions over the last five, six years.” The Congressman assures everyone that he still has confidence and we should too.

“I just have to have faith ultimately, that there’s that, you know, there was a special counsel created, Durham does have the power, we’re fully expecting him to deliver the report.” He also adds, “It may not be as broad as we want it to be. But look, there are some major perpetrators. I think, as you and everybody else know, we’ve made over 14 criminal referrals. That doesn’t mean 14 individuals, that means 14 different criminal referrals involving multiple individuals.”

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