In August 2005, a man’s body was found at a Boston-area landfill.

Who that man was remained a mystery until now.

Authorities were finally able to identify the body.

Now they are trying to figure out who murdered him.


Leon Brown was 41 years old when he was killed.

His body was dumped in a landfill within a week of his death.

When the body was found, it was rotting away and authorities had no idea who the man was.

To that point, he had not been reported missing and DNA testing at the time was limited, at best.

Seventeen years later, they finally figured it out.

Bristol District Attorney Tom Quinn stated, “I am very pleased that we were able to identify Leon Brown, and that his previously unmarked grave will no longer just be an unidentified plot number in the cemetery.

“We are now focused on investigating the circumstances of his suspicious death.”

Hopefully, it will not take another 17 years for them to figure that out.

Source: Fox News

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