CBS News SHOCKER… Biden White House Panicking


Guess what?

CBS News is reporting that the data on the Hunter Biden laptop is authentic.

Most of us knew that more than two years ago, but CBS is finally conceding that it goofed.

769 Days…

That is how long it took CBS News to admit that the laptop is real.

Correspondent Catherine Herridge recently reported that she has finally authenticated the files on the laptop.

Former Secret Service computer crimes expert Mark Lanterman authenticated the files.

She reported, “Two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, including Tony Bobulinski, who received the email, told CBS News that the 10% ‘held by H for the big guy’ was shorthand for 10% held by Hunter for his father.

“The author [of the email, James Gilliar] has not responded to CBS News’ questions.”

After CBS published the story, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, stated, “At no time did any individual, including Mr. Mac Isaac, have Mr. Biden’s consent to access his computer data or share it with others.”

Oh, so it actually is Hunter’s laptop now?

Clark added, “There have been multiple attempts to hack, infect, distort and peddle misinformation regarding Mr. Biden’s devices and data.”

I am curious if Isaac has a policy in place regarding abandoned goods because if he does, that will end Clark’s defense.

Regardless, the information on that computer seems to make it pretty clear that Joe was getting kickbacks from Hunter, which makes him a security risk, which was Rep. James Comer’s (R-KY) point.

He stated, “This committee will evaluate whether this president is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars. This is an investigation of Joe Biden.”

I have little doubt they will prove that, but what then?

Source: New York Post

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