BREAKING: FBI and CIA on High Alert

FBI and CIA on High Alert

According to authorities, the FBI and CIA in Virginia are now on high alert after an a man “emerged from his vehicle with a weapon” outside CIA headquarters. The man, who was immediately shot and wounded by at least one FBI agent, has been taken to a local hospital.

The incident, which occurred in the evening on May 3, is currently being reviewed by the FBI.

ABC News’ Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson reported that an ambulance was seen rushing with a police escort from the CIA headquarters soon after reporters had heard “13 loud bangs.”

According to reporting by NBC News, the gunman had attempted to make his way through the gates, but had been stopped by armed guards.

The FBI Washington Field office posted about the incident on its official Twitter account.

“FBI is reviewing an agent-involved shooting that occurred at approx. 6 pm on Monday, May 3, 2021. An individual involved in a security incident outside Central Intelligence Agency HQ in McLean, VA, emerged from his vehicle with a weapon & was engaged by law enforcement officers,” the first tweet read.

“The subject was wounded & has been transported to a hospital for medical attention. The FBI takes all shooting incidents involving our agents or task force members seriously,” the FBI said in its first update.

The next morning, the FBI provided another update to the suspect’s condition, announcing that he had “died from his injuries after being transported to the hospital.”

The FBI also provided a comment about the ongoing review of the situation, writing: “The review will carefully examine the circumstances of the shooting and collect all relevant evidence from the scene. As the review remains ongoing, we cannot provide any additional details at this time.”

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