Breaking: 20 Children Abducted, Taken Hostage

20 Children Abducted, Taken Hostage

Twenty children were taken hostage by the Taliban as the takeover of Afghanistan continues, thanks to the failures of the Biden administration.

The Taliban have taken twenty children hostage, and the terrorists are now threatening their fathers, telling them if they don’t surrender, they are going to slaughter the children.

Reports have been coming in from reporters and citizens in the area regarding the hostage situation.

“Breaking: The Taliban have attacked district of Andarab again to seek revenge. A local told me: ‘the war is going on in earnest, that People Resistance group now have the strategic points, but the Taliban had taken their children and women hostage and demand fathers to surrender,'” wrote Natiq Malikzada, a freelance journalist.

“The Taliban have taken dozens of children hostage in a revenge operation in Andarab. There is a fierce battle in the Kushanabad area. The lives of thousands of women and children are in danger. People are leaving their homes,” one Twitter user wrote.

The children’s fathers are all members of the Northern Alliance, the last remaining Afghan resistance stronghold. The fathers are the only Afghan citizens left still fighting back against the Taliban takeover that was caused by the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from the area.

The Gateway Pundit reports: “This is taking place in Panjshir Province whose topography provides a strong natural defensive position against the encroaching terrorists.”

The Taliban have given the fathers a four hour deadline to surrender before the children are slaughtered.

Indian broadcasting station Republic TV has reported via live stream video about the hostage situation.


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