Bloody Photos Begin to Emerge from Joe Biden’s Shameful Disaster

The only way to explain this latest gaffe is that Joe Biden now has first-graders running graphics in his communications department.

If earlier reports are correct, as many as 70 sets of eyes look over these posts before they go out.

Yet, with Biden touting gasoline prices, which was idiotic enough, his team misspelled “person” as “peson.”


So, here is Joe Biden slapping himself on the back for $4.36/ gallon of gasoline…

Notice the graphic on the left with the misspelling, because everyone else did already…

This is, by far, the best correction…

Only three weeks ago, Kamala Harris had a similar incident, with the word “Louisiana” misspelled on the banner behind her during an appearance, spelled, “Lousiana.”

One would think the team would triple and quadruple check every word after that mess, but I guess they don’t have enough bodies to do that anymore!

Source: Fox News

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