Biden COVERUP – The Feds Knew!

State Dept Biden

I can say with confidence that just about everyone reading this report right now believes that Joe Biden is corrupt.

I can also say that most of us believe he was greasing the ways for Hunter’s business deals.

Republicans just got one step closer to proving that after obtaining more emails.

Guilty, As Charged

At the heart of the email is a 2013 trip to Asia that Joe Biden made as vice president with Hunter Biden in tow.

Since this was a state trip, it was not unordinary for family members to fly along with the VP, but the problem is that they are not supposed to conduct any personal business on such a trip.

That does appear to be the case for Hunter Biden.

Within weeks of that trip, a subsidiary of the Bank of China invested millions with Hunter, and it now appears the deal was sealed after they met with Joe Biden.

After the trip, Hunter sent an email to his business partners, saying, “They got to meet Dad. It was all very good. Talk later.”

These were emails obtained by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley and another IRS agent, whom the DOJ has been trying to keep away from Republicans.

The House Ways and Means Committee, however, obtained them, and now it would appear that we are about as close to a smoking gun as we are ever going to get with Joe Biden in terms of influencing Hunter’s business deals.

Two laws were broken here, and with Joe Biden now saying nobody is above the law after the Trump conviction, perhaps it is time that Joe and his family are held accountable to the law.

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