Biden Called Out, Top Executives Go BALLISTIC

The oil industry is sick of the lies coming from this administration and it is not going to take it any longer.

Biden, while begging the oil industry for help, is also ripping the industry while also trying to shut it down.

That does not exactly offer a candlelight dinner setting.

To that point, several oil industry officials are now speaking out, taking some pretty big swings at Biden.


If you have ever seen the movie “Enough,” this is pretty much the same scenario.

American Energy Alliance President Tom Pyle stated, “We’ve basically tracked about 125 specific actions that this administration and the Democratic Congress have done to slow down or stop oil production in America.

“He has an ‘America last’ energy policy.”

United Refining Company Chairman and CEO John Catsimatidis asked, “Can anybody figure out why we are giving business to Venezuela?

“Who’s associated with China? Russia?

“Why are we giving them the business and not giving it to Canada?”

Pyle added, “Production in Venezuela has decimated the industry, because of Maduro and his socialist policies.

“They don’t produce oil and gas as clean as we do here.

“Their oil is worse for the environment than our oil. It’s not about the climate.

“It’s about an agenda where they do not want these resources… in this country.”

Yeah, I would say the gloves are off at this point.

Source: Fox News

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