Biden BLEW UP on This World Leader

A new report has surfaced regarding a June phone call that Joe Biden has with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Biden had just committed to giving Zelensky $1 billion in aid.

Rather than be grateful, Zelensky turned around and gave Biden a laundry list of items that he still wanted.

Biden reportedly went off on Zelensky, raising his voice and telling him to be more grateful for what he was getting.

Wearing Thin

So far, the United States has been like Zelensky’s candy store.

Our stockpiles have been pillaged to send him military aid.

So much so, we are dangerously low and now need production in order to keep sending him weapons.

Meanwhile, we may not even have enough to defend ourselves if we were to get into a conflict.

If you recall, Zelensky eventually expressed how grateful he was to the United States for sending the aid it had already received.

Biden is now reportedly worried about future aid because Republicans have been adamant that the blank check will no longer be available.

Joe Biden is trying to be the hero and pay for this war without other NATO countries pitching in, and that is about to end in January.

Source: Newsmax

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