Another High Ranking CNN Employee RESIGNS & Gets ARRESTED


Yet another high ranking CNN employee, in this case, a producer of Jake Tapper’s ‘The Lead’ one Rick Saleeby, has resigned and been subsequently arrested in connection to ‘misconduct involving juvenile victims’. Saleeby is the second CNN producer to be arrested, the first being John Griffin formerly a Producer for Chris Cuomo. The implications for the cable network are highly disturbing, the collapse seeming to accelerate following the suspension of Cuomo in disgrace after it became known that he assisted his legally embattled brother Fmr. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York. Saleeby was initially exposed by Project Veritas, and resigned only to be arrested shortly after.

According to The New York Post,

“Police in Fairfax County, Virginia, have launched a criminal probe into Rick Saleeby, a former senior producer on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead,” authorities confirmed to Fox News.

The investigation involves “serious allegations involving potential juvenile victims,” and “detectives assigned to the Child Exploitation Squad of the Major Crimes Bureau are leading this investigation,” the Fairfax County Police Department told the outlet.”

Exposed, Resigned In Shame, And Arrested

According to multiple reports, Fairfax Police have been in communication with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas and it appears that the investigation is in connection with the outlet’s reports that Saleeb had solicited nude pictures of a 15-year-old girl. The Washington Examiner reports that Saleeby’s home has been raided and that his electronics have been seized.

A statement from investigators was acquired by Post Millennial which described the matter but did not refer to Saleeby by name, they wrote,

“Detectives assigned to the Child Exploitation Squad of the Major Crimes Bureau are leading the investigation. While we will eventually be transparent about our findings, safeguarding the personal privacy and safety of victims and witnesses as well as maintaining the integrity of our criminal investigation are of paramount importance,” police said.

“At this time, we are not in a position to provide additional detail on the scope or nature of this investigation,” they added.

Confronted by a crew from Project Veritas, Saleeby refused to answer as to whether he was still working for CNN. However, CNN Director of strategic communications, Matt Dornic laid this question to rest within hours of the story breaking, indicating a major effort at damage control from a network that seems to be imploding.

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