Adam Schiff Gets ROCKED by Reporter on Live TV

Adam Schiff Issues Bizarre Warning

There is nothing like watching Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) squirm on live TV.

Schiff was bragging about criminal referrals that are coming from the January 6 committee.

In the middle of the interview, the reporter basically called bullsh** on Schiff.

Big Deal

Schiff was on CBS with Margaret Brennan.

When Schiff started to tout his referrals to the DOJ, Brennan asked, “Would doing that be anything more than symbolic?”

Schiff came back, “Are we going to create some suggestion by referring some that, others, there wasn’t sufficient evidence, when we don’t know, for example, what evidence is in the possession of the Justice Department?

“So, if we do make referrals, we want to be very careful about how we do them.

“But I think we’re all certainly in agreement that there is evidence of criminality here.

“And we want to make sure that the Justice Department is aware of that.”

The bombshell was Brennan saying, “So, what does the committee sending a referral do, other than look political?”

My only question at this point is why did the media treat those hearings like they were bombshells if this was what they were all really thinking?

Source: The Blaze

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