7 DEAD… Two Major Democrat Cities Turn Into WAR ZONES


If you live in Philadelphia or Chicago, consider yourself lucky to be alive after this weekend.

Both cities were turned over to thugs this weekend.

In fact, on Friday night, the two Democrat-run cities had almost identical violence.


Mayor Jim Kenney, who is largely responsible for the rapid decline in this once-proud city over the last few years, cannot wait to leave office.

He openly stated that during a recent spat of violence.

He turned Philly into a sanctuary city and allowed a radical DA to open the prisons, but now he wants out.

Friday night was typical of what Philadelphia has become.

Before the sun came up on Saturday, 14 people were shot, 3 fatally.


Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago had an almost identical night.

Before sunrise on Saturday, there were also 14 people shot, four fatally.

We have military presence all over the world right now, and there is not a single “war zone” that had more US soldiers wounded or killed than these two cities individually, let alone combined.

None of this makes the national news, however, but have a high-profile conservative call someone by the wrong pronoun, well, it is front page of every major publication.

This happens when you auto-vote for Democrats year after year, election after election, for decades.

Source: Breitbart

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