Antifa Emboldened Attack in Broad Daylight- Breach Portland Police Association


In the Biden-Harris regime, Antifa are emboldened, no longer are they limited to black bloc tactics in the dark of night. No. Now they strike brazenly in broad daylight, directly at the heart of the law enforcement support system: the Police unions. On Wednesday, Feb 10th Antifa rioters attacked and indeed breached the doors of the Portland Police Association in Portland, OR.

Naturally, Portland PD tweeted that no arrests were made in connection to the breach which interrupted a contract negotiation meeting.

“All protesters have left the neighborhood. There was some vandalism to the building, but no arrests were made, no force was used, and no one was injured. About 15 officers, 3 sergeants, and 1 lieutenant were pulled from patrol duties to respond to the event.” PPD said via Twitter.

Later in the evening Antifa marched carrying red and black banners with socialist slogans for an “Anti-ICE” event where only “approved” members of the press (marked with special armbands…nope not kidding) would be spared from Antifa’s abuses. Despite his lack of “approved” credentials Andy Ngô was on the scene.

Antifa’s Damage in the Millions, No Accountability

The Epoch Times reports that the rioters caused $2.3 million in damages to federal buildings according to U.S. Attorney for the district of Oregon Billy William’s office. So for the record, the newly emboldened mob has attacked: a police precinct, a courthouse, and a police union. Yes, that’s pretty brazen.

Epoch times wrote,

“The bulk of the damage was inflicted upon the Mark. O Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, ground central for the riots that unfolded last summer, culminating in nightly clashes between Department of Homeland Security forces and rioters. That damage is pegged at $1.6 million, Williams’ office said.

Rioters repeatedly assaulted the building, smashing windows and ripping protective wood away from its exterior. Attempts to breach the building were repelled by federal forces, who utilized tear gas and other crowd control measures to respond to the violent incursion bids.”

The Antifa “Snowball Fight”

Over the following weekend the violent Antifa uprising continued unabated and unremarked by the Biden-Harris regime. Police officers in Seattle responded with clear frustration and anger as Antifa rioters attempted to barricade them inside their precinct… in the middle of a blizzard. This prevented officers from responding to emergency calls in the freezing temperatures, placing potentially hundreds of lives at risk.

According to the DailyMail,

“A police precinct in Seattle was blocked by a three foot ramp made out of snow on Saturday night, blocking the officers’ vehicles from getting in and out of the building.

Around a dozen demonstrators gathered outside the East Precinct, cheering as the police vehicles struggled to get over the ramp.”

‘Antifa goons blocked the exit of the East Precinct with a pile of snow tonight, in an effort to stop vehicles from responding to emergency calls,’ said one person, posting a picture on Instagram.

Independent journalist Andy Ngô, has become a nationally recognized authority on Antifa as they’ve become more emboldened by the rise of Biden/Harris. Ngô tweeted, “As Seattle was slammed by the biggest one-day snowstorm the city had recorded in 52 years, Antifa spent Saturday night piling up snow in front of an exit to the East Precinct, which prevented patrol vehicles from responding to emergency calls.”

The DailyMail reported “Police officers came outside the precinct and began shoveling the snow away from the exit. One officer can be heard on video threatening to detain the protesters for making the ramp, saying: ‘Do this again and we’ll arrest everyone’.

Protesters told police they were having a snowball fight.

On one Instagram video an officer can be heard saying: ‘You cannot block police from exiting a police vehicle precinct’.”

Emboldened Antifa Trolled Police, So SPD Officers Trolled Them Back. It Was A Thing of Beauty

According to the The Post Millennial, “After heavy police response, Antifa failed to disperse, which led to a comedic exchange when Seattle Police officers started handing out stickers to Antifa to help them with their “sadness” and “anger.”

It was what some might call a “sweet burn” against the emboldened, militant “anti-fascists” who use fascist tactics, employ fascist symbolism and espouse fascist goals.

“Do you want a sticker too?” asked an SPD officer.

“For what?” the Antifa militant replied.

“You seem a little angry and sad and sometimes stickers make people feel better,” said the SPD officer after handing some out to other militants protesting. The stickers are the same ones SPD officers typically hand out to neighborhood children.” The Post Millennial wrote.

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