Zelensky Says Ukraine To Push For…


President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that regardless of the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers on Ukrainian civilians, consisting of the battle of a train station where more than 50 civilians were eliminated, he will continue to press for peace.

“No one wants to negotiate with a person or people who tortured this nation. It’s all understandable. And as a man, as a father, I understand this very well,” Zelensky told the Associated Press in an interview published on Sunday.

However, “we don’t want to lose opportunities, if we have them, for a diplomatic solution,” he said.

“We have to fight, but fight for life. You can’t fight for dust when there is nothing and no people. That’s why it is important to stop this war,” the Ukrainian leader told the wire service.

Zelensky, using his normal outfit of olive drab to suggest his federal government’s shift to a military footing, took a seat for the interview a day after a minimum of 52 individuals— consisting of 5 kids– were eliminated in a rocket attack on a train station in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk where thousands had actually wanted to get away the relentless battling.

Images revealed bodies scattered amongst pieces of baggage and burnt automobiles.

Beside the station, the charred remains of a rocket could be seen with the words “for the kids” composed on it in Russian.

The attack on the congested train station took place simply days after the bodies of Ukrainians– much of them shot execution-style while bound– were discovered cluttering the streets of Bucha, a residential area of Kyiv, after Russian soldiers left the location.

The Russian forces that withdrew from the Kyiv location are now thought to be reassembling in preparation for a full-blown attack in the Donbas area of eastern Ukraine, consisting of in the port city of Mariupol, where Ukrainians have actually been attempting to hang on to areas of the city.

Zelensky stated those Ukrainian fighters are binding “a big part of the enemy forces,” keeping in mind that their efforts in Mariupol are “the heart of the war” today.

“It’s beating. We’re fighting. We’re strong. And if it stops beating, we will be in a weaker position,” he said.

B ut Zelensky appeared disappointed by the sluggish rate and minimal quantity of military devices being provided by the United States and its European allies, stating he’s grateful for the weapons got up until now, however, a lot more is required.

Asked whether the weapons have actually assisted Ukraine to turn the tide, he responded to, “Not yet.”
“Of course it’s not enough,”  he continued in English, the AP stated.

The question about weapons– what impact their shipment had for his individuals and whether getting them earlier would have conserved more lives– forced Zelensky to look inward.

“Very often we look for answers in someone else, but I often look for answers in myself. Did we do enough to get them?” he said of the ​military equipment. “Did we do enough for these leaders to believe in us? Did we do enough?”

He stopped briefly.

“Are we the best for this place and this time? Who knows? I don’t know. You question yourself,” he said.

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