Wind Power Plant DESTROYED By Too Much Wind {VIDEO}


The people behind solar and wind power have a good idea, and on a small scale I would say that it might be feasible.

On a massive scale though, it is something that isn’t going to be ready for a good long time.

Give you an example. I am a person that has a solar backup system for my house due to living in Florida. It’s a small portable solar generator that will keep things running relatively smoothly if we drop things down to a room or two in case of a lengthy power outage.

Yes, I also have panels and a small wind turbine as backups. There’s that pesky word again…backups.

They aren’t my main source of power and I will tell you why. Too many things can go wrong with large scale wind and solar power systems.

Crack in your portable solar panel? That just affects you.

Blade on your windmill a little off center? That also just affects you.

However, if you have a whole city’s power grid supplied by wind and solar, if something catastrophic happens that affects every last person in town.

Take for example what happened recently in Iowa. As most of you know, if you have spent even five minutes in the state of Iowa you have likely had your life affected by a tornado in some fashion.

They also have a good deal of windmills there given the land is pretty well flat. It’s what makes it such great farmland.

Anyway, at the poking and prodding of many liberals,a company called MidAmerica Energy constructed an absolute sea of power generating windmills.

The problem with that is that a windmill is no match for a tornado, which is oddly enough a bunch of wind.

These tornadoes that passed through, in an ironic twist of fate, absolutely destroyed these so called green energy icons. I mean, its actually kind of amusing when you really think about it.

“Gee Tom, what made your windmill stop working….too much wind”

Besides, these things are as tall as they can possibly engineer them to be, so if one of them gets hit by a tornado, they are going over. Nature always wins.

It’s why stuff like this is always better on a local, almost person to person scale.

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