White House Loses It, SNAPS

white house

The mainstream media is applying pressure to the White House regarding Biden’s mental health like we have never seen before.

The media has gone from covering for Joe Biden to trying to take him out.

And now the White House appears to be losing its patience.

Not Leaving

Democrats are demanding that Joe Biden step down.

Numerous publications have said they want to see Biden step back and let someone else run.

When White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre held her briefing, the media wanted to know if Joe was going to cave or not.

Jean-Pierre responded, “Absolutely not. And you heard, I think, I believe directly from the campaign as well.”

She continued, “It was not his best night. He understands that it is fair for people to ask that question, but we cannot forget his record and what he’s been able to do.

“We cannot forget how he has been able to deliver for the American people for almost four years.

“That matters too. And he has the most historic record, the most in modern politics, and that should matter.”

Well, that is just another lie, but the media seems to have a problem calling KJP out for her lies while always fact-checking Republican press secretaries.

Remember all the articles about Sanders and McEnany? Remember all the vicious attacks?

Yet KJP stands up and tells the media that Joe Biden was jet-lagged from two weeks ago, and they buy it.

Over the holiday weekend, Joe Biden had a series of events lined up, including a taped softball interview with ABC News.

I have seen some of the events, and they did not go very well for Joe, but I am going to guess that ABC will do whatever editing it needs to do in order to make Biden look presidential.

Just remember, that interview was taped and the White House has been talking about it for days, so there is no way George Stephanopoulos will make Biden look bad.

I am sure his old buddy Bill Clinton called him to warn him that this interview was make or break for Biden, so make him look good.

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